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Electrification of Primary Schools 2015

This map visualization shows the county and constituency summaries of electrification status of public primary schools by the Rural Electrification Authority. 17,278 have been connected out of 21,158 targeted public primary schools.

You can also search for your school by name and view if it has been connected or not. The detailed list of primary schools was obtained from Rural Electrification Authority.

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County Government Spending 2013-2014

This visualization shows how individual counties implemented their budgets for the financial year 2013/2014. "Annual County Governments Budget Implementation Review Report FY 2013/2014" was the primary data source used in this visualization. This report can be obtained from the Office of the Controller of Budget.

An analysis of expenditure in both arms of government can be viewed alongside the total allocated funds. The Absorption rate represents actual expenditure as a percentage of the approved budget.

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Map based UI for finding topo sheets in Kenya

Example of a Frontend user interface to enable users find topo sheets for their various needs. Gridding system currently works for 1:50000 map sheets. Challenged to try this by Kanyingi

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Visualising a survey of public amenities

Converting an otherwise spreadsheet output from an ODK survey into something interactive. Final visualisation is available here

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Visualising a utility companies' infrastructure

Screenshots showing how a water utility company could visualise and interact with their water metres, pipleline network, resevoirs and leaks data. Built using PostgreSQL, Geoserver, Leaflet and Javascript.

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